About Us

Roziak is dedicated to becoming a globally recognized tie bar brand. Our bars are created to be a simple, timeless accessory that deserves a place on your chest. 

We began operating on January 3rd, 2016. It took us over eight months of drafting, testing and improving to perfect the design. As a team of perfectionists, we do not release anything until it is at our standards. 

We aim to have the largest selection of high quality tie bars that match any style and are appropriate for any occasion. 

They are designed to look good while being very practical. We wanted to reduce slanting, and for that reason we added a stabilizer bar in the middle to firmly hold the bar in place.

In order to maintain exclusivity as well as a large selection, we produce a very small quantity of each piece. This ensures that each product was created with maximum effort and extreme attention to detail. 

 Three Roziak Tie Bars